Just to be clear: I believe that our past can light our future; That our traditions can coexist with our modern values; That we are all capable of great achievements by compromising, tolerating & embracing opposing ideas; That we are as strong & brave as we need to be, today; That we are accountable to those who cannot do and responsible for those who will not act; That regardless of our backgrounds, each of us can touch one destiny and that is: We are empowered to lead a life that positively impacts our communities, nation & planet. So, I have started this journey.  I hope you'll join me.

Shahriar Afshar

I welcome all invitations & hope to earn your trust well above your endorsement.

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I promise a lively discussion & unique one-liners you won't forget.

We are more alike, than not. Maya Angelou 

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Shahriar Afshar